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Today I have a book review for you. It is my stop for the virtual tour of Escaping First Contact by T.S Beier. 

The blurb

(From Goodreads)

At the far edge of cultivated space, a derelict ship rests. Ten times larger than the biggest Terran dreadnaught, the ship is not recognized by any of the five species tenuously coexisting in the galaxy.

Small crews are sent to investigate. What they find is a trap.

Once in the metal labyrinth’s clutches, it is clear the unlikely allies will not escape unless they can work together as a team. Unfortunately, trust and cooperation are entirely out of the question.

An immersive tale of escape and comradery, Escaping First Contact brings together an unforgettable cast of characters, richly detailed alien cultures, deft humour, and explosive action.

"Fantastic world building, believable aliens and lots of snappy action. T.S. Beier is on her way up!"- S.D. Perry, author of Aliens vs. Predator: Prey, Aliens vs. Predator: War, and the Resident Evil novel series.


⭐⭐⭐. 5

Escaping First Contact is a multi pov space opera. It is the book one of The Burnt Ship Trilogy. We have multiple different species that are now trapped together inside this monster of ship they have named "Misery". Not all of these "people" are friendly at first as for some their species have been at war with each other for sometime. Which is something that has to be forgotten if they are to all work together to escape. 

I enjoyed the uniqueness of the characters, and that this novel was very much a "slice of life" in space. Like a said this is a multi pov story and with each chapter being a different member of the "crew" we get to learn the different cultures of each "person". Why they happened to be in the area that they were when they had been captured. Secrets that they have not shared to others and how they reproduce. Yes these alien races all seem to have a fascination with sex, prehaps I should say that Stares has a fascination with sex. All while trying to find their way out of this ship. The confusing part for our cast of characters is why are they there. They still have their weapons. Who ever as taken them is not friendly and seem to be trying with them.

I have grown to like these interesting varying alien races and I hope to read the second book at some point as well as the authors other works. As this was well written, held my attention and I liked it. 

If you like Becky Chambers chances are you will also enjoy this trilogy or rather this first book as I have not read the others.

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Let's meet out author:

T.S. (Tina) Beier is a science fiction aficionado. Her first published novel, 
What Branches Grow, is her love letter to the post-apocalyptic genre and 
was the focus of her Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing. It was a top 5 
Category Finalist in the 2020 Kindle Book Awards and a current semi-
finalist in the Self-Published Science Fiction Competition. The Burnt Ship
trilogy is another love letter, this time to classic sci-fi, but with a modern 
On top of her grad certificate, Tina has a B.A. in English, a Certificate in 
Publishing, and a Certificate in Interior Decorating. She is a book reviewer, 
an entrepreneur, and a writer at PostApocalypticMedia.com. Tina lives in 
Ontario, Canada, with her partner, two feral daughters, and two dogs. She 
loves Fallout, coffee, and the ruins of industry.

Author Socials: 

W: https://www.nostromopublications.com/

IG: TinaSBeier 

Tw: TSBeier

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