Friday, January 22, 2016

Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese

Indian HorseIndian Horse by Richard Wagamese

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

I love it when a book makes you feel and makes you think. It's not just words on the page for ones entertainment or escape.

This is a book that for me opened my eyes. When I think Canada, racism/segregation they would never come to mind. It's something that isn't thought or talked about. Unlike slavery in the United States. But it's a real issue that affects people still.

Colonialism stripped the indigenous people of their land, their identity and beliefs. Trying to instill the European white man's ways. It is something that was still happening, residential schools still being open as late as the 1990s.

For Saul, our main character he is trying to come to terms with all that has happened to him, the story opens up and he is at an AA meeting and telling stories of his life. Except he can't bring himself to speak the words, so he writes them instead. The good, the not so good and the dark times. His escape, hockey.

I could go on and on as this was fantastic yet disturbing. My professor did a good job in selecting this book for class.

Edit: Trigger warnings galore. Too many to list.

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