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Book tour: Hooked by Bobbi JG Weiss

HookedHooked by Bobbi J.G. Weiss
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Hooked is a story of man who never knew his father, but being told he looked very much like him. Knowing that he use to own a bookstore, was a swordsmen and they share the same temper that seems to be handed down from son to son. But other that he knows nothing. This is a tale of a man losing his mother and trying to find out who is father is. His mother never telling.

Jonathan Edward Stuart, a book store owner and former alcoholic has always had dreams, nightmares a more fitting word for it. He has always had bad habits, Melanie thinks he is a very Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide like, others that know him say he's child like. Could these be just a result of the nightmares, his drinking, or does it fun in family. he stumbles upon what looks to be a story, which appears to be the memoirs of Captain Hook, of the Jolly Roger.

But it can't really be truthful?
It's just a tale right?

Peter Pan is a name that to him, brings fear and nightmares. He is a demon boy and Neverland is child hell, where children who are bad go, that's the story he's grown up to know.  And he's always was led to think he had one foot there.

We flip back and forth between the real and the imaginary in Hooked, what is the real? One day Jonathan is here the next waking on the Jolly Roger. Be he isn't Captain Hook. Parts of whats happening in his life is missing, he's experiencing blackouts.

How do you tell fact from fiction, when both meld together, the melding is enough to drive a man crazy.

A wonderful tale of a mans struggle with what is real and isn't. Written well with just a few minor editorial mistakes.

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Bobbi J.G. Weiss
Author of Between Worlds, Age of Aquariums, Prom Time, Deceptions, Breakaway, Hiro, Hiro, Dragon Warrior, The Tale of the Mogul Monster, Token Wishes, and S...
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*Disclaimer: I was given a paperback copy of this book from the author for review as a part of Pump your book virtual book tour* 

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