Friday, February 21, 2014

Time for Cherries by Camille Thomaz Labanca

Time for CherriesTime for Cherries by Camille Thomaz Labanca
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

**I was given a copy of this novella for an honest review**

Warning this review contains spoilers proceed with caution.

Melissa is a university student, working a part time job and living with her cousin. She's never had a boyfriend, guys were the furthest thing from her mind but on the other hand they were front and center in her mind as well. Every sound, every creek keeps her on alert. She has a story, a secret that no one can know.

She was raped and like most victims, she only blames herself. And is living in fear and disgust.

Would all men be the same?
Would she ever feel safe and comfortable in the arms of one?

Then she meets Lucas. Could he be just the guy to help her over come her fears? To make her realize that she isn't to blame, and to help her heal and live again.

Time for Cherries was a quick read about rape, facing your fears and over coming them, and finally being able to move on.

Story wise I would have to give it 3.5 stars. Not overly original as many New Adult books deal with this subject matter but nonetheless still held my interest.

I do have some beef, but understandable beef. Not to be harsh, at times I felt the writing fell flat. There is definitely room for some improvement. Another issue, this story has been translated into English and some things in the writing are a little off due to said translation. Which is fine, it didn't take away from the story but I do hope for the authors sake it gets a few more sweeps through an editor/translator.

Over all it was and okay read for what it was.

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