Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Seer of Shadows by Avi

The Seer of ShadowsThe Seer of Shadows by Avi
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Read: September 2014
Source: Hardcover, Library
Publisher: HarperCollins

I've wanted to read this book for a few years now, and I hate that I was not overly impressed with it. Story wise I found it creepy and interesting. But it didn't have my attention at all times. Parts just seemed to drag on as it would lead into other good bits. I don't think its unfair for me to want to be engrossed through out. And no it has nothing to do with the particular age group to which this book was written for. Because I can honestly say that if I read this back when I originally took interest in it it would probably taken me a little longer to complete.

Set in 1872 New York we have Horace, a photographer apprentice. The man he is working for sees an opportunity to make himself more none in the upper class in his field and hopes to see more money come in. Playing on a "grieving" mother he sets in motion a scheme to photo the "spirit" of her daughter. It is Horace's job to capture the images of said spirits. Not knowing that he is treading in an area that could potentially cause great harm.

I wish I wish that I didn't grow board at times, because truthfully the story-line was really good but I fair I can not rate it higher then 3.5 due to the fact that I did find it dragging. :(

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