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Broken Beauty (Broken Beauty Novellas #1) by Chloe Adams

Broken Beauty (Broken Beauty Novellas #1)Broken Beauty by Chloe Adams
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This book contains serious subject matter.

How does one survive after being raped? Especially when everyone is telling you lies and telling you to keep quite about it. How do you go on when the person who has violated you is free to go on with their lives while you are too scared to move?

Mia is the underage minor of a politician and it's election year so everything that happens to him or his family is in the public eye. So of course when she is drugged and raped by the son of a very important allie of her father it has to be hushed and twisted to shine in the favor of her father.

She has been so misguided her whole life, never having anyone really there for her. Brained washed to believe that rape can not lead to pregnancy. She blames all of it on herself, what if she never went that party, what if she never wore that dress.

Broken Beauty made me so angry and break my heart at the same time. How is the world can someone think of themselves at a time like this. She's your daughter, screw the election. If it wasn't for Ari her best friend or Dom, the cop who rescued her and stayed by her side the whole time. her own personal guardian angel as Mai calls him she would be so alone. Even though in her mind she feels so alone.

Rape is a serious issue and sadly so many women have gone through it, and sadly most if not all blame themselves and are scared and torn as to what to do.

If they know the attacker do they come forth and tell, having to live the experience all over again and again? Or do they keep it to themselves and watch as the bastard gets to go out and live his life and possibly do it again.

I can't not wait to read the next book, Broken World is slated for Nov/Dec.

Note from the author: "Broken Beauty" is the first of six novellas chronicling Mia's struggles and triumphs. The novellas will be released over the course of the year, tentatively ever two months.

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