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ARC: Witch Finder (Witch Finder, #1) by Ruth Warburton

Witch Finder (Witch Finder, #1)Witch Finder by Ruth Warburton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Witnessing his parents death by a dark/black witch, Luke vows to hunt the murderer down. He is gifted the ability to see witches when others just seem them as ordinary people. He is a witch finder. He joins a group, Malleus Maleficoruma a brotherhood of men who hunt witches. On joining you have to pass a series of trials, the last one is to murder a witch that has been selected at random.

Luke, hoping it would be the man who murdered his parents, is disappointed slightly when it turns out to be a sixteen year old girl named Rosa Greenwood. But she is still at witch and after her death he can continue his hunt.

Rosa, or Rose as she mostly called is a prisoner so to speak in her own home. A witch who can not practice for fear the servants will notice, on top of that her family is putting on an act they are pretty much paupers themselves. Both her mother and brother are hoping to use Rose to help themselves insuring their future and finance.

I really liked this book, at first I was thinking okay here we go we have a boy who has no parents who witness their deaths and is marked or rather gifted since it has happened, who lives with his uncle and the deaths happened at the hand of a dark/black wizard. I was thinking hmmm Harry Potterish. Not exactly but something made stop for a moment, but then as I read on I was thinking 'nah this isn't anything like it other then the few things previously mentioned'.

I have to say this book is really good. The story is well written and held my attention and I couldn't wait to get back to each time I had to stop. Kept me wondering will Luke do it? Can her really kill her? Will he find the person who murdered his parents?

The visuals it was giving me were very detailed and vivid. Like this for example, every witch seems to have a color around them, whips like smoke that seem to dance and shimmer. Not only can Luke see them but he can see the magic and spells they do, the traces that remain on spells already cast. It gave for really great imagery.

Really really looking forward to see where this series goes, it's going to be a good one I think.

Expected publication: January 2nd 2014

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