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Sleepless (Bird of Stone, #1) by Tracey Ward

Sleepless (Bird of Stone, #1)Sleepless by Tracey  Ward
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Warning: Proceed with caution the following review contains traces of spoilers.

When I first opened up this book I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. I knew we had this girl, Alex by the way. I knew she was going to be special. What I never knew was that when she closed her eyes to go to sleep that the chances of her waking up somewhere else other then her own bed was the norm for her.

Alex calls them slipping, she travels in her dreams. She has no control over this. One minute she could be dreaming about the woods, the next moment when she awakens there she is in a forest some where. Scary right? Could you imagine going to sleep and not knowing if you will wake up in your own bed in your own room?

But you know whats a little more scary then slipping? The dragon dream as she calls it.

On Alex's 20th birthday her sister takes her out to celebrate, and she celebrated a little bit too much if you catch my drift. This is how she meets Nick. Going of to get sick she sees a person laying on the ground in nothing but speedos on, unsure if he is alive she tells him to breath. But a funny thing happens and I'm not talking about the puking. He just *poof* disappears.

Back to his own location, where he's been brought back to life from drowning during his combat training.

After sometime has past she meets him again, in her dreams or rather his dreams. From there on out they end up seeing each other this way, at first Nick thinks that she is just something he has imagined, she isn't real, he's just talking to himself.

I just noticed that this review is getting kind of lengthy. So I think it's time to wrap it up with my own thoughts. I found this book to be extremely good. And very original and refreshing. Very well written. The banter between Alex and Nick was actually laugh out loud material. I found myself snickering aloud many times, and being grateful that there was no one around to witness it.

But yes wonderful book, wonderful characters (the supporting cast are great), wonderfully written. Highly recommend this book and I will definitely be reading the next book, cause well you know...

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