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Full Blooded (Jessica McClain, #1) by Amanda Carlson

Full Blooded (Jessica McClain, #1)Full Blooded by Amanda  Carlson
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*Warning the following review may contain spoilers, proceed with caution. You have been warned.*

Jessica is the only female werewolf because females weren't meant to change, she shouldn't exist, she was a mistake. When she was born the pack wanted her father, the Alpha, to kill her because they were scared of an ancient myth,

  "As a female in Wolf Skin rises, the unborn Daughter of Cain is born; In her the beast shall lie, well hidden in True Form; And from this day forth, the Wolves of the Night shall pay; Blood and flesh of their bones, her mighty hand shall slay; The end of the race will close at hand; When the Daughter of Evil rules the land. "

When she never made the change an puberty, when all others did they thought she was safe, that she didn't have gene in her. She thought she was safe from it as well. Wanting to remove herself from that life she moves away assumes a new identity Molly Hannon. Working for a while as a cop then leaving the force to become a P.I with her best friend Nick, who just happens to be a shiftier.

The only female werewolf idea not completely original, see Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series. But this is UF/PNR most times it's hard to come by something that hasn't really been done before.

I enjoyed the story, I love that from the start we are faced with the action as Jess shifts for the first time. I love that we get to go along for the ride as she discovers what it's like to be full blooded. She's a tough as nails chick, very spirited,who when not shifted could still kick your ass. Besides Jess there are so many likable characters, from Nick, Tyler, James, Marcy etc.

Funny and action packed, would definitely recommend to others who are fans of the genre. I enjoyed Full Blooded and I'm looking forward to reading book 2, Hot Blooded very soon.

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