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The Ballerina & The Fighter (The Ballerina and The Fighter, #1) by Ursula Sinclair

The Ballerina & The Fighter (The Ballerina and The Fighter, #1)The Ballerina & The Fighter by Ursula Sinclair
Rating: 2.5 stars of 5

I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review
Warning potential chance to spoil.

I almost gave up on this book when I first started. It wasn't doing anything for me at all, folding my laundry was exciting me more. I know that sounds harsh, but to quote Miss Cyrus:

The writing at times was irksome, "Sure 'nuff we found it". I don't normally nit pick like that but it annoyed me. The first part of the story had me shaking my head, because I'm like who does that. Who just takes their picture with random people they don't know. Someone who was watching you and your friend dancing on the beach? I don't care how "hawt" the person is, its just, I don't know, weird (and I like weird) maybe creepy is a better word.

By the way this isn't going to be a negative review of The Ballerina & The Fighter, because it did improve story wise. I wanted to not give up, folding laundry could wait a little longer. The writing was still a little irksome for me but it wasn't standing out to me as much.

So yay!

The Ballerina & The Fighter is told from two different point of views, both Maze and Ivy's. Starting when they were teenagers meeting for the first time in the Summer before they both heading off to peruse their perspective paths in life. A summer that was both wonderful and heartbreaking for Ivy. Memories that eventually lead her to push Maze out of her life.

After many years have past the book switches to present day. Both are successful in their careers Ivy, a Prima ballerina and Maze, who has never lost, a match is one of the top fighters of mixed marshal arts.

Their lives, only connecting through texts that only occur on key dates and Google searches. But one day that all changes. Maze keeping track of Ivys career takes in one of her shows, in fact buying out the box so he can watch it alone. Never been able to get her out of his thoughts even though it's been many years.

Potential, there is so much potential for this.

After the initial hump of ugh, the story held me. It was sweet, sad, suspenseful. I can see why people have rated higher. To me it was an okay read. I'll check out the blurb for the next book because well with that ending there HAS to be one.

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