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The Trouble With Goodbye (Fairhope, #1) by Sarra Cannon

The Trouble With Goodbye (Fairhope, #1)The Trouble With Goodbye by Sarra Cannon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was given a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Warning: The following review has spoilers

Leigh Anne, is the girl who had it all. Rich boyfriend, popular but wanted more out of life. She wanted freedom, freedom from her parents expectations and plans for her. What better way to achieve that then moving away for school.

Now after two years away, Leigh Anne is coming back home. But she's changed. How can she face all her friends and family after what happened. How can she maintain her mask of everything is okay and nothing's changed?

But she carries a darkness that is eating away at her, a secret that she has had to to live with for a year and a half.

And it has broken her.

The wight of the world feels like it's coming down on my shoulders. I stare at the pieces of glass and realize that's what I've become.


Knox, is new to town. Moved there just after Leigh Anne left for collage. He has a troubled past and likes to keep to himself. But keeping to himself doesn't stop the rumors about him from spreading.

Stories that Leigh Anne has a hard time believing because she has seen a side to him that no one else has, she has seen the same look in her eyes that greets her everyday in the mirror.

I'm not proud of my past, but it's part of who I am. I'm still working through a lot of shit, but for some reason, I'm less broken when I'm with you."

Maybe it's because we're both broken

It's this connection, this bonding of two broken souls that helps Leigh Anne come to terms with what had happened helps her open up to share her story.

She was raped.

There are so many people walking around like Leigh Anne, carrying this secret. Because who can they tell? If they do tell will it change how people act around her? Will they still want to be? And if they do tell, will the person they told only be concerned about how it will affect them if it gets out? Because people with a name and status to keep up don't want something like rape to sully the family name after all. You best deny it or keep it hush hush.

I enjoyed this book, I have so much respect for Knox it's not even funny. He's a good guy, yes he has a past we all do. My only real complaint would be that the story went by so quick and it ended too soon. I wanted to see more. :)

I would like to thank Sarra Cannon for giving me a copy of her book.

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