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Escape Theory (Keaton School, #1) by Margaux Froley

Escape Theory (Keaton School, #1)Escape Theory by Margaux Froley
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~Warning spoilers ahead~

And it all started with

And Devons need for milk, because you can't eat Nutter Butter cookies with out it.

Devon and Hutch had a special connection, even if they really weren't friends, meaning they never had a friendship that was known. They had one night together back in freshman year, but all it took was night to form a bonding. They understood each other and when he commits suicide, a drug overdose, two years later she can't believe it.

Hutch was Keaton school's legacy student, the golden boy coming from a very well to do family. Devon, is there on scholarship. A scholarship to a school she never really asked to go to. In her junior year she gets involved with the schools newly added peer counseling program, hoping to pad her application to Stanford.

Her first sessions are counseling those closest to Hutch. She came to find a side of him that she never new about, and how big it was in the school. She also come to realize that the Hutch she knew would never kill himself and takes it on herself to uncover the truth.

Is there really more to Hutch's death, or is Devon just obsessing over a dead boy because she can't find closure?

There are some serious topics in this book, teen suicide, teen pregnancy, drug use. But we also have a neat little mystery to solve as well. Devon while in her role of shrink/Nancy Drew she uncovers more then she set out to find, she finds friendship where she never thought she would. And that the students of Keaton really aren't just mindless "organ donors".

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  1. I love how straight forward you are with your reviews. You make it really easy for me to know if I'll like a book or not. Also, wanted to let you know I'm nominating you for the "Loyal Reader Award" check it out here.