Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Angel Sister by Ann H. Gabhart

Angel SisterAngel Sister by Ann H. Gabhart
No rating.
Need to finish/DNF

I need to move this to my need to finish list, because I can't go on reading it right now. And honestly, I could end up moving it to my newly created DNF shelf.

Some people might find this book enjoyable. But not me, at least not at this current time. I was becoming so bored while reading it, I found myself drifting off and wanting to do other things. So for now I'm DNFing this book.

I really don't like not finishing a book, in fact I have made myself finish many books over the years that I have not liked. Most times I end up giving the book a bad review/low rating. This one I decided it was best to stop now. Because it could just be me and not the book it's self. Just not feeling it right now.

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