Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Where Wildflowers Bloom by Ann Shorey

Where Wildflowers BloomWhere Wildflowers Bloom by Ann Shorey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Where the Wildflowers Bloom was actually a very enjoyable read. I know that sounds as if I was doubting it would be, well to be honest I was going into it kind of unsure as to how much I would like it. I've had some not so happy experiences with some of the last few Christian Fiction novels I've read.

All Faith Lindberg has left in the world is her Grandpa and his store,  which he has left her in charge of. And memories, painful memories that are around every corner of Noble Springs. She has lost both her father and brother in the war, her mother having died when Faith was but a young girl. Which is why she can not wait to get the store sold so they can make the move west to Oregon.

But things do not go as planed for Faith when she discovers the business isn't as successful has she was led to believe. In attempt to turn things around, many things take place to knock her back down.

I liked it, it was nice and sweet with enjoyable characters that never made want to toss my kindle on the floor. On top of that I never felt like I was being preached at. I find that some of the books of this genre are too in your face, and it spoils the story (for me that is).

I'm looking forward to continuing this series, as well as reading other books by Ann Shorey.

If you enjoy historical fiction that is mixed with romance and mystery then I recommend you check out this story.

Overall 3.5

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