Thursday, April 25, 2013

Alex by Adam J. Nicolai

AlexAlex by Adam J. Nicolai
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*Warning slight spoilers*

This was a emotionally hard book for me. I don't do well with books that involve children being hurt or dying. I still read them even if I know I'll have an ache in my heart.

Ian has lost his child, his wife has moved out, his work is suffering and now it seems he is on the verge of losing his mind.

Or is he??

His son was kidnapped and murdered, and while it seems like the world can pick up the pieces and try to move forward Ian can't, not yet.

Ian has a battle going on in his head, one side is telling him, he is crazy and that it is just his grief projecting Alex around. The little bits of conversations being ones that had taken place when he was alive.

Then there is that other side that arguing what if he really is there? What if Alex is coming back for a reason? And if so what for?

Wow what a book. Are we seeing the mental breakdown of a man? or Are we witnessing a soul who can't rest until the truth is set free?

Raw, heartbreaking, disturbing.

I am so grateful for the the few lighter moments that take place, the mention of Star Trek watching, the raiding (Still want to know his tank class and raid was). Something to make me laugh a little and relax.

Adam J. Nicolai is an author to watch for, with a debut self-published novel as gripping as this was I can see nothing but great things for his future.

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