Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A View to Die For by Richard Houston

A View to Die ForA View to Die For by Richard Houston
My rating: 2 of 5 cupcakes

This book was not for me, I love a good mystery. But I did not love this book.

Jake's sister, Meg has been accused of murdering her husband Mike, who just happens to be husband number 4. The media have been calling her the Black Widow.

On his way to bail her out, he winds up waking up in hospital after he, himself has gotten into an accident. The police believe that both Jake and Meg are involved in the death of Mike. So in order to clear their names, Jake has to do some detective work.

I really am not a fan of giving negative reviews but this space here is for me to say what I think. You may not agree, but all my reviews are MY thoughts, are MY opinions.

I caught myself dozing off at one point, while sitting in my computer chair reading this. For me I found this book to be well boring, it was only as I neared the end that things seemed to pick up and hold my interest. Which is funny because the start had my attention but it just flat-lined. I also found it to be rather odd, and all over the place.

I have to wonder what is with all the McDonald mentions? Like one could play a drinking game and get incredibly wasted before you even hit the halfway point. Yes I get it Jake loves eating there, cheap menu. But do you have to feed Fred it all the time, does he ever get any puppy food? Another thing, I have never read a book before that mentions going to the bathroom, as much as this book does. Be it Jake, or stopping for Fred to do his business or anyone else.

Yet again I will say, these are my thoughts. This story has a lot of potential to be interesting, but for me it just never cut it. I never enjoyed it, but you might. Not my cup of tea. There was a little twist I hadn't seen coming. But over all, I give it 2.5 stars.

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