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A Lady of High Regard (Ladies of Liberty, #1) by Tracie Peterson

A Lady of High Regard (Ladies of Liberty, #1)A Lady of High Regard by Tracie Peterson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A lady of High Regard takes place in 1852 Philadelphia, it deals with areas that a lady of higher standing shouldn't be sticking her nose into. Because after all it isn't proper for women to get involved in such matters of oppression and poverty. She is to be home having tea parties with her friends and gossiping about the latest fashions from Paris.

Mai lives a comfortable life, and hadn't realized that in her own town just a few blocks from her home down on the docks, people are living in poverty, barely getting by. Women are left alone to raise a handful of children while the husband has either passed on or are away working on the boats. They can not afford to pay the rent collector, feed their children and pay off their husbands debt. So they are forced to pay in other ways, the men force themselves and make them pay with their bodies or take away a child to sell in labor to pay it off.

Through her work with Godey's Lady's Book magazine, she finds about the seaman's wives and is determined to help them. She dresses below her station to find out more about what happens down on the docks, she wants to so desperately help these women and way she can, but in doing so is she is putting herself in many dangers.

"I'm sure with your help, poverty would not dare remain in Philadelphia"

Garrett, upon finding out what Mai has been up to wants to her to stop going down there and putting herself at risk, not because he doesn't care about what happens, but because he cares way to much about Mai to see her come into any danger.

They have been best friends and neighbors all their lives, everyone else can see that they love each other more then a brotherly/sisterly way. Will they ever see it and will they get the chance to express their feelings before it is too late?

I really enjoyed this book and I look forward to reading more books by Tracie Peterson. I leave you now with

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