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Zylan Captive (Zylar's Moons, #1) by Ravyn Wilde

Zylan Captive (Zylar's Moons, #1)Zylan Captive by Ravyn Wilde
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

**Warning, ranting and spoilers can be found in this review**

Tar is ruler of Zylar, a planet where men dominate over their lifemate and the women have to submit to them. After much searching he has found his life-mate, his companion. Who just happens to be a human female from Earth. Nyssa, on awakening discovers she is no longer in her own bed, and not even on her own planet. Not only that there are gold chains connecting to parts of her body.

So we have bonding,links,and physic chain sex oh my!! Can't forget a planet of alpha males and the You must obey me!!! attitude. If you don't you shall be tortured with sex, taking you higher and higher until you can not handle anymore but because this punishment you shall not hit that spot unless you submit and obey me, for I am Mr. alpha male. Do not question me!! Rawr!

Okay complaints:
There was some parts of the story that were alright but the events involving that part of the story happened off screen. If the author had to actually go that route and have them present as the action was taking place it might have made this story a tad more interesting to me.

The relationship is so unbelievable, and I'm not talking about the whole bonded/linked connection. I'm talking about the whole "I love you" part. No you don't, you like the sex, it's pretty much all you guys have done. Also you know you have no choice in the matter. Due to the whole remove the links (chains) and feel extreme pain. That's even if it can be done as it has never been done before. Also the whole the death issue involved. So no you don't!!!!! Yeah yeah I know they are linked to be together, they are lifemates and in time they could fall in love, but I don't believe for a moment they do now. Nothing they have did together has given me the impression that feelings have developed.

*End Rant!! Rawr!*

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