Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tiger in My Soup by Kashmira Sheth, Jeffery Ebbeler (Illustrations)

Tiger in My SoupTiger in My Soup by Kashmira Sheth
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tiger in My Soup by Kashmira Sheth is a delightful tale of a boy with a vivid imagination who while being babysat by his big sister, is shocked to find a tiger in his soup. He wants is his sister to read his book to him, but the sister would like to just get lost in her own reading. The boy decides to read it on his own, a book that happens to be about tigers in the jungle.

Children will enjoy looking at the illustrations as this story is being read to or read by them. So much is told through the images, all while his sister is in her own little world.

It is a cute story that I think all young children and parents will enjoy. Easy to understand, with words simple enough for children just learning to read, to be able to read it by themselves. Parents will enjoy watching their reactions as they read out loud the battle with the tiger.

*Arc thanks to Peachtree Publishers via Netgalley*

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