Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Black Suitcase by Shannon Cervone, Alessandro Vene (Illustrations)

The Black SuitcaseThe Black Suitcase by Shannon Cervone
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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Eddie, a little boy doesn't like it when his daddy has to travel all the time, and knows that when he see the black suitcase come out that it's time yet again for his dad to so. So in order to stop him thinks hiding it will get him to stay. He doesn't understand why his friends dad doesn't have to go away but his does.

This a great story for families who have a parent who has to travel often for work. It helps to explain why some parents have to go away for their jobs. It talks about responsibilities, comparing the child tiding up their toys to the father having to go to away for work. It also explains that they are not leaving them because they want to be away from them but because this what they need to do make life better for them and provide things like a house, food, clothes. It also shows a great example of something that parent and child can do together to make the time apart a little easier and make the missing be a little less.

3.5 Stars

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