Friday, February 22, 2013

Snowbound by M.G. Braden

SnowboundSnowbound by M.G. Braden
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

What the heck? That's it?

Cassie is in a crappy long relationship with a major D-bag. It's always his way, finally she gets what she wants, a week trip at a ski lodge. They get in a big fight, before this she is stranded on the hills in nasty weather (he of course doesn't seem to concerned, because on top of being a d-bag he has a side of ass hat too). Why they fight is because the guy she skied into, Daniel, helped her down and they came into the lodge together. Mr. D-bag, or Rick as the author has named him breaks up with her and leaves her stranded at the lodge.

Cassie and Dan become friends and spend time together, and they are running hot and cold. And really I can't say hot, more so lukewarm and cold. Both jumping to conclusions with out asking.

And what the heck is with the end, it just ended.

It wasn't for me. There was potential but in the end it didn't do it for me.

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