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Immortal Prophecy (The Immortal Prophecy Saga #1) by Samantha Adams

Immortal Prophecy (The Immortal Prophecy Saga #1)Immortal Prophecy by Samantha Adams
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

*Given a copy for an honest review*
3.5 Stars

Ally is the so called "prophecy girl", half immortal half human (which at first she doesn't know). The story opens 5 years in the past, Ally and her best friend Kat are going to see a fortune teller. She is told that she will have two men in her life, one James an immortal, her soul mate and protector and the other Vincent who is determent to kill her. Because she is suppose to be the one to stop him. She is also told she will know when it is all to start when two people in her life dies. The next day, it has begun.

Immortals are beings that are here to protect humans from evil, the evil being vampires. Ally is meant rise up and lead them and defeat Vincent.

I enjoyed the story, there is much potential for this series. Original ideas mixed with some things I've seen in other books, soul mate bond, eye change in lust etc. But it's pnr/uf so it's to be expected. There are some weakness though, nothing major just little things in the writing that got to me. For example the line "traditional manly way of showing affection", "bedded". It seems like the author was slipping in between the writing style of a historical romance novel and the modern day pnr. To others they might not notice or even have it phase them but to me it stood out. It's nothing to big just something I noted.

There was a moment in the story that I was very surprised at the turn of events, a good surprise. What it is I'm noting to going to say, can't spoil you. If you want to know read the book. :)

Over all I liked it and interested enough to find out what happens next.

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