Friday, November 23, 2012

Undercover Professor by December Gephart

Undercover ProfessorUndercover Professor by December Gephart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"Whatever I can get. Customer service, sales. But I’m really into World of Warcraft—type online gaming. That’s what my article is on. Do you game?"

I knew I was going to give this book a little extra attention after I read that line, first thing I thought was "Nice a WOW mention."

Player one:: Lucy Benoit, she is very hard working she has a full time job, goes to community collage and plays soccer with the girls on Monday nights. She's been hurt in the past, so because of that she has created rules for any potential male she meets, but what's the point of the rules if there isn't any "zing"

Player two: Andy Sullivan, is jobless, staying with his mom, plays video games and doesn't meet ANY of of Lucy's rules. But there is ZING a plenty. Dr. Drew Sullivan, how ever does. But he unfortunately for both of them he can't tell her who he really is, she needs to think he's is this guy who's "in between" jobs, with out any goals, just enjoying moment. He needs to keep up the charade until is paper is finished.

I found this this story to be very intersting, as a female who places video games, World of Warcraft in particutal, this book was really up my ally. It was nice reading a romance were our "hero" was a gamer and reader. Although it did play into the stereotyping of people who do play games. With Drew writing a guide to help the gamer guy get laid. Making it seem that they are all basement dwellers who couldn't get a chick with out a self help book.

Undercover Professor is book of opposites attract and forgiveness, a great little story for the gamer romance reader.

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