Friday, November 2, 2012

Red by Kate Kinsey

RedRed by Kate Kinsey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Red, is a mystery thriller that takes centers around the lifestyle know as kink, BDSM. To the community they are church going, charity giving law abiding citizens. That is the face the outside world sees, and in fact they are all these things. They are teachers, dentist, etc. But it isn't something they talk about, not out in the open in their everything day lives. Someone doesn't like what they do, someone thinks they are all a bunch of perverts a taint on the community. Someone is out to make them stop.

Kate Kinsey has written this book very well. Parts of this book are very dark and very disturbing, some of things read about at the crime scenes had me squirming in my chair as I read them. Not for the faint of heart. In my head I saw play out so vivid like I was watching it on the big screen. I was rather surprised by the time I had finished.

Fantastic book, highly recommend, I just don't be eating tomato soup while doing so like I was, you might not want to finish it.

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