Thursday, November 22, 2012

Entwined by Heather Dixon

EntwinedEntwined by Heather Dixon
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Azalea, is the eldest of the twelve princess, it is up to her to look after her sisters when their mothers dies. She makes this promise to her her mother, a promise on silver, an oath. After the death of her mother, her father,the king has to go off to war and they are confined in the palace for a year, in mourning. The palace, which was once owned by an evil king, had enchanted the whole place. Some things still held there magic, even after the palace was disenchanted. A tea pot and sugar tongs, secret passage ways that need to be opened with silver. It is in one of these passages that they discover the silver forest, the dancers and The Keeper. He invites them to come whenever they like, to dance. Every night, all twelve princess go through the passage to dance in the magic. But all things come with a price.

I really liked Entwined. As I was reading I felt as if I knew this story. Then it hit me, I was reading a story I had already knew because it was re-telling of the Brother Grimms The Twelve Dancing Princess In which every night the princess head out to dance but no one knows where. So the king asks men to come from all over the land to see if they can figure out where his daughters go to at night, and the one who does gets to wed the princess of his choice. Except this version of the fairy tale is much much darker and twisted.

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